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  • 1986 Honda Interceptor1986 Honda Interceptor (1986)
    You are bidding on TWO (2) 1986 Honda Interceptors, both VF500F's: 1.  Honda Interceptor #1 (Black Handlebars).  Bought in 1999 from 2nd owner (I am the 3rd).  This bike, although the rougher looking of the two, has always been reliable and has always started.  Bike currently runs and starts, shifts well in all gears, no issues. 2.  Honda Interceptor #2 (Red Handlebars).  Bought this bike in 2008.  Currently starts, but won't run for extended periods of time.  After a few minutes this bike runs on 2-cylinders instead of all 4.  Appears to be something simple/electrical, but I honestly don't have the time to troubleshoot it. 3.  VIDEOS of #1 running: 4.  PLEASE see the last photo of spare parts (zoom in).  Spare parts include: - Front Fairing - Front Fender - Fuel Tank - Decals, Stickers, Honda Logos - Electrical Connections, etc. ALL YOURS, worth several hundred $ by themselves!
    2016-06-26 04:46:02
    Kimball, Minnesota, United States