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  • 1966 Triumph Thunderbird1966 Triumph Thunderbird (1966)
    THUNDERBIRD!!!       1966 Triumph 6TA  1966 Triumph Thunderbird 6TA      This listing is for a beautifully restored Triumph Thunderbird.  It’s hard to imagine a more famous model name than “Thunderbird”.  It was introduced by Triumph in late 1949 and, of course, later (1955)  borrowed by Ford for it’s famous two-seater sports car.  The T-Bird was a significant breakthrough for Triumph as a 650cc production motorcycle and had an extremely successful run of 17 years ….ending in 1966.  This motorcycle was given a comprehensive restoration by Roger Jones and as you can see from the pictures, the workmanship is, once again, excellent!  These are not the easiest (or least expensive) of motorcycles to restore…a lot of detail and parts that are unique to this model.  Examples are the headlamp nacelle, the light colored grips, side covers and so forth.  As you can see, this restoration features all of those things in a very accurate, high quality restoration with a lot of N.O.S. parts used.  Even the rims, which are in excellent condition, retain the Dunlop logo and sizing information.  As always, with a Roger Jones restoration, nothing was overlooked and the objective was to produce the best example possible of the 1966 Thunderbird.  Again, look at the pictures!  The motorcycle was rebuilt mechanically with new parts wherever possible.  That included the engine, transmission and all other mechanical components.  The motorcycle was given a short checkout run without using this beautifully restored (inside, and out) tank.
    2016-11-18 04:47:55
    Townville, South Carolina, United States
  • 1988 Other Makes MATCHLESS ROTAX G801988 Other Makes MATCHLESS ROTAX G80 (1988)
    RARE MATCHLESS ROTAX       1988 MATCHLESS G80    This listing is for a 1988 Matchless  “Les Harris” G80.  The motorcycle is a rare machine in that it was built between the years 1987 and 1990…..with approximate production of 850 units.  This particular motorcycle is even more scarce as it has less than 20 original miles!  These motorcycles were a “rebirth” of the Matchless marque…powered by a 500cc “bulletproof” Austrian Rotax engine….very well engineered and very reliable! A substantial number of European products were used in the design and build of the bike such as: Paioli suspension, Dellorto carb, Lafranconi silencers and Brembo brakes.  The motorcycle, although well styled, outfitted and well built, did not meet sales targets and production ceased in 1990. There has since been a good deal of interest in the bike from enthusiasts and collectors.
    2016-11-04 04:37:12
    Townville, South Carolina, United States
  • 1971 Norton TRITON1971 Norton TRITON (1971)
    2016-10-28 04:42:11
    Townville, South Carolina, United States
  • 1954 Triumph Tiger1954 Triumph Tiger (1954)
    FULLY RESTORED CLASSIC BIKE       1954 TRIUMPH T110     TIGER 1954 Triumph T110 Tiger   This listing is for a correct and beautifully restored Triumph Tiger.  The restoration was done entirely by Roger Jones of Georgia.  The workmanship is (as usual with Roger’s restorations) outstanding.  The motorcycle is matching number frame and engine.  The 650cc engine was completely rebuilt as well as all mechanicals.  The engine was started and “check run”  to ensure everything was in order (no fuel was put in this tank during this check). The odometer reads 12 miles   .The carb and fuel lines were drained . At that time motorcycle was prepared for storage.
    2016-10-07 04:49:40
    Townville, South Carolina, United States
  • 1966 Triumph Trophy1966 Triumph Trophy (1966)
    TRIUMPH FLAT TRACKER!       1966 TRIUMPH FLAT TRACK RACE BIKE Triumph Flat Tracker Motorcycle       This listing is for a Triumph motorcycle built in a “Flat Track” configuration.  In addition to an outstanding “restoration”, the motorcycle features: ·        Tricor Bodywork (see picture of Tricor label under seat) ·        A 1968 Bonneville twin carb engine that has been entirely rebuilt.   Mk I concentric carbs were used ·        ARD Magneto (see pictures – very rare!) ·        ACK Primary cover (again a very rare piece) ·        Alloy rims ·        Ceriani front forks/custom headstock ·        Custom oil tank ·        And a good many more!   As the pictures show, the workmanship is outstanding and the result is a great looking competition motorcycle!  The motorcycle has been run for a “checkout” and then has been stored in my personal collection (climate controlled environment).
    2016-08-29 04:55:31
    Townville, South Carolina, United States
  • 1966 Triumph Tiger1966 Triumph Tiger (1966)
    GREAT CLASSIC BIKE       1966 TRIUMPH TR6R     TIGER 1966 Triumph TR6R  This listing is for a very well restored Triumph TR6R.  Many enthusiasts agree that 1966 through 1970 were the finest years for Triumph....and for good reason.  The motorcycles featured classic styling, strong performance and outstanding (for their time) handling characteristics.  During these years, the British manufacturer listened to their U.S. dealers and produced outstanding color schemes.  This 1966 is no exception.  It’s a beautiful example in Pacific Blue and White.  This motorcycle has been completely restored to pristine (and accurate) condition by Roger Jones of Georgia.  His fine workmanship is evident in the attached pictures.  The motorcycle has been mechanically rebuilt to original specifications.  The best parts available were used to ensure a great result.  The motorcycle was rebuilt, started and thoroughly checked out. The fuel was ran through a reserve, and not this tank.
    2016-07-29 04:55:01
    Townville, South Carolina, United States
  • 1964 Triumph Bonneville1964 Triumph Bonneville (1964)
    IMMACULATELY RESTORED BONNEVILLE       1964 T120R BONNEVILLE 1964 Triumph Bonneville T120R     This listing is for an extremely well restored Triumph Bonneville.  As the pictures show, everything about the motorcycle is correct, authentic and very well done.  The restoration was completed by Roger Jones of Georgia with nothing overlooked in the process.  Roger is extremely thorough with a restoration.  His mechanical work is every bit as good as his cosmetic finishes.  He starts with complete disassembly.  The engine and transmission are entirely rebuilt with new and/or excellent used parts as required.  From there all components of the motorcycle were addressed with the best possible parts and/or finishes.  Price/cost was never a factor in these restorations...the objective was to produce the best possible 1964 Triumph Bonneville!  Look at the pictures.....I think you will agree the objective was met.  The motorcycle has been run for a few minutes with gas through a funnel (no gas has been in the tank).  After that short run, the motorcycle was put on display (climate controlled) in my personal collection.  The motorcycle has a clear title and is being offered at a very reasonable $14,399 or Best Offer. LOOK BELOW FOR MORE GREAT PICTURES OF THIS BEAUTIFUL BIKE! PLEASE READ ENTIRE AUCTION INCLUDING ALL DETAILS, DESCRIPTIONS, AND DISCLOSURES BEFORE BIDDING.
    2016-06-24 04:55:18
    Townville, South Carolina, United States
  • 1966 Triumph Trophy1966 Triumph Trophy (1966)
    GREAT COMPETITION BIKE       1966 TRIUMPH TR6C     TROPHY 1966 Triumph TR6C     This listing is for a very well restored 1966 Triumph Trophy.  The TR6C was sold and used as an off road/enduro motorcycle, but, was equipped for street riding.  It features one of the best color combinations Triumph produced (my opinion)....Pacific Blue with Alaskan white stripes (three stripes) bordered in gold.  This motorcycle has been entirely and correctly restored by Roger Jones of Georgia. If you have watched our other listings, then I think you would agree, he does outstanding restoration work.....quite possibly the best!  Check out the photos and the details shown in them.  Everything is correct, from the ET ignition (modern coils), the ET horn, the pipes, seat, headlamp and on and on....!  Don’t know of a better example!  The motorcycle had a complete mechanical overhaul (the engine completely rebuilt...bored, new pistons, etc.) followed by 27 miles on the road.  Everything checked out and the motorcycle was put on display in my personal collection.  It has been kept in a climate controlled environment and I think the condition shows that!  So, here we have a great competition motorcycle, equipped for street riding, beautifully restored.  It starts and runs as it should. It’s available at $13, 699 or best offer.  Quite reasonable for such an outstanding motorcycle LOOK BELOW FOR MORE GREAT PICTURES OF THIS BEAUTIFUL BIKE!
    2016-06-20 04:56:52
    Townville, South Carolina, United States
  • 1969 Triumph Trophy1969 Triumph Trophy (1969)
    BEAUTIFULLY RESTORED TR6C     1969 TRIUMPH TR6C 1969 Triumph Tiger TR6C  This listing is for a beautifully restored 1969 Triumph TR6C.  This motorcycle was entirely rebuilt mechanically and the pictures clearly show the beautiful finishes.  All the work was done by Roger Jones of Georgia and his work is certainly amongst the best anywhere!  The engine, transmission and all other mechanicals were rebuilt using the best parts available.  As with all of the motorcycles Roger restored for me, the question was not about costs, but, directed to the end outstanding classic motorcycle!  Think you must agree the objective was met!  The motorcycle was started and was taken on a short test run following restoration.  The new pipes were installed and the motorcycle was put on display in my private collection.  Of course, it was kept in a climate controlled environment.  Watch the video....think you will be impressed with how great the motorcycle sounds.  This is a motorcycle that is easily a show winner and a rider if you wish.    A good many changes and improvements were made in 1969.  Triumph was now almost entirely “American” thread bolts, cams were improved for durability and the paint schemes featured metallic colors such as the Trophy Red on this motorcycle.  So, a “top  notch” restoration, classic styling of Triumph’s “Street Scrambler” and all at a very reasonable price of  $14,299 or Best Offer.  Take another look at the pictures and won’t be disappointed!!   Oh yes, clear title. LOOK BELOW FOR A VIDEO AND MORE GREAT PICTURES OF THIS BEAUTIFUL BIKE! PLEASE READ ENTIRE AUCTION INCLUDING ALL DETAILS, DESCRIPTIONS, AND DISCLOSURES BEFORE BIDDING.
    2016-06-14 15:43:39
    Townville, South Carolina, United States
  • honda nt 650 gt hawk rc31honda nt 650 gt hawk rc31 (1989)
    the bikes main distinction is its aluminum fram and single-sided swing arm.way ahead of it's time. only imported for 3 years by honda. 9300 miles, lady owned for past 19 years. comes with original  tool kit, manual, corbin seat, lockhart faring, two brothers limited edition left sided exhaust [ VERY RARE } ,  needs carbs cleaned sitting for a few years, has new battery, 3 wks old fired right up,does not idle filters.
    2013-09-03 21:14:17
    Townville, South Carolina, US