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475cc NS400R. Marquez and Spencer.

Wed, 13 Nov 2013 00:00:00 -0800

Winter may be here but I seem to be as busier than ever, maybe the economy is finally turning around.

At my last UK track day of the year I had some fun testing this little beauty.  It’s a late eighties NS400 triple bored out to 475cc and it felt sweet as I zinged round the GP Arena track at Silverstone.   Being stripped bare to reduce weight gives it a very respectable power to weight ratio which means it could live with 600s (on the twisty bits at least).  Owner, Ian Wright from www.classicracereplicas has a passion all the middleweight two strokes from this era so if that's what rings your bell then his web site is well worth a visit. 

I've been thinking it’s time for another comeback so I’m off to the Killarney 8 hour race next month in Cape Town.  Although some take this event very seriously it can also be cheap racing where you can buy a Chinese step thru from a supermarket, rock up and enter!

I’m teaming up with the other two Mackenzies and Team Owner Phil Ash for this day of capers aboard his CBR150 Honda.  It may not the most powerful beast on the planet but you still get a sweat on constantly banging elbows during the 30 minute stints.   I won this race back in 2007 so I’m putting the pressure on young Taylor and Taz to carry the team to another victory.  Good old Moto Direct have sorted me out with this AGV Corsa so at least I’ll be well ventilated in sunny South Africa.

Talking of Freddie Spencer. The HRC Freddie Spencer colour scheme reminded me that the great man has been hitting the headlines recently with Mark Marquez breaking all of his records.  And while there is no question that MM is phenomenal I still think it is worth remembering this;

Freddie took his first major class podium in his 3rd ever world championship event.  It was Marc’s 78th. 

Freddie then took his first major class win after 8 events, for Marc it was 79. 

Finally, Freddie won his first major class title after just 24 races while it took Marquez 96.

Just saying.

By Niall Mackenzie

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