2-stroke, one 50cc cylinder engine with automatic transmission and top speed of 45 mph, automatic choke and automatic fuel shut-off. Electric start/kick start.

4,237 miles at the time of listing.

This scooter is super easy to handle and as you might know you don't need to have a motorcycle driver's license for 50cc and no insurance is required by the state.

I'm the third owner of this bike and I have names and telephone numbers of both previous owners. The first one was actually an acquaintance of mine. So far I've put on it about 700 miles.

I'm selling it because I'm going back to Europe for several years.


What you're gonna like about this scooter:

  • styling and a lot of shine and chrome
  • nice wide handlebars giving you great control and comfort
  • comfortable seat and smooth suspension
  • glove compartment and storage under the seat
  • 70 mpg
  • stronger than most 50ccs
  • clean and serviced, everything works properly down to the last detail

The scooter comes with two sets of spare fuses, more than complete set of spare bulbs, extra one liter bottle of premium mixer oil (lasts 700 miles), set of tools, one spare key, and set of bills for services I had ordered for the scooter.


I went to Florida to see my friends and play beach volleyball two months ago. I needed a scooter to get around here. At Vespa dealership in Fort Lauderdale I ran into a guy who just bought a new bike there and wanted to get rid of his 2004 Aprilia Mojito Custom 50cc. It was too slow for him. It ran well, I liked it, so I bought it. I needed to make sure the scooter was not going to give up on me anywhere, anytime, so I had it serviced at Vespa Fort Lauderdale where I had my previous scooter serviced as well. I trust these people, especially Victor is a good mechanic.


Everything that there was to service has been taken care of, especially:

  • Front disc brake line flushed and refilled with new brake fluid.
  • New brake pads (rear brake shoes still have a long way to go).
  • Engine mixer oil lubrication system flushed, checked and refilled with ENI iRide 2-stroke premium synthetic oil (you're getting one liter spare bottle of this oil with the scooter).
  • New variator/driving belt and pins including clutch clean up and variator check.
  • New front tire (I put about 700 miles on it so far and the rear tire has about 900 miles on it.)
  • Gear box oil changed.
  • New spark plug.
  • New halogen headlight bulb
  • Air filter replaced.
  • New speedometer cable installed.

(I kept the bills for all that was done. They'll go with the scooter.)

I also took all covers off myself, cleaned everything in and out and gave the scooter a complete detail including changing some hardware pieces to get a great clean look.

I only ran this bike on Shell V-Power premium gas, that has all the good cleaning additives in it (bills available.)

After all this I had a bike I really enjoyed and it never let me down. Too bad I can't keep it and now you're gonna have all the fun with it!!!


Things you need to know about:

  • The speedometer cable was disconnected for some time and we estimated that between me and the previous owner we put on about 500 extra miles over what the odometer reads.
  • There's no visible corrosion, only some cosmetic one on the frame. I sprayed it thoroughly with CRC.
  • Great chrome except for some pitting on rear view mirrors and some minor scratches on front fender and rear side chrome pieces. If you don't know about it it's very hard to spot.
  • A bird dropping etched into the top of the seat and so far resisted my efforts to blend it in. But it can be only seen under certain angles and light conditions.
  • There's a small scratch on the rear right side white panel.
  • Side white panel had some extra clear cloating on it originally and it partially weathered and so far I couldn't figure out how to treat it. It can only be seen under certain angles.
  • Some of the light blue plastic parts show some sun damage but Armorall for plastics did miracles. No parts became brittle though. I had all plastic pieces down by myself and they're solid so don't expect any cracking whatsoever.
  • It has an automatic choke valve with a temp sensor that can't be adjusted so sometimes you have to start the engine several times before it runs continually. I asked about it and Joe and Victor at Vespa Fort Lauderdale said it's nothing to worry about. Also, after the engine cools off (e.g. overnight) and you start it again you need to let it warm up before you can take off but that's what 2-stroke engines do. The choke needs to close completely otherwise opening the throttle floods the engine with too much fuel.



If you want to see the bike before the auction ends or want me to deliver the bike let me know what area you're from and perhaps we can arrange for it.


I'd like to conclude the transaction quickly. Ideally, if you could make a Paypal deposit on Sunday evening after the auction ends and be ready to pay me the rest on Monday or at the latest on Tuesday morning, that would be wonderful and in that case I'd be very much inclined to deliver the bike in return as long as it is reasonably close (Fort Lauderdale/ North Miami etc.).


In the next 24 hours I will add a bunch of detail pictures, especially of all the covered areas so that you can have a perfect idea about what you're buying. I will also scan the title and post it.

If I forgot something in the description, please ask me about it. I'll respond swiftly.

Thank you for your interest in this stylish scooter and wish you exciting bidding!


Vladislav Sevcik, owner


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